Tolerances, curves, slip calculations and surcharges

At ULDALL, we always help our customers in the construction phase. Feel free to use our expertise to place splits, curves and slips, so that machining can be minimized or perhaps avoided altogether.


Castings tolerances and machining allowances

Should you wish to make your own CAD drawings, the following minimum tolerances and machining allowances according to ISO 8062 must be applied to the item. For example, at a length of 50 mm, the tolerance for the DCT11 is between 48 and 52 mm.

Tolerances and machine allowance


Castings Transition

In addition to the tolerances, it is also important that at freight crossings and at angles, a soft goods crossing is made, which is carried out with a radius that at least corresponds to the thickness of the goods or the crossing. This reduces the risk of porosities and cracks.


Slip calculation

The casting model must be made with a slip in order for the model to be pulled out of the sand during forming.

The slip angle depends on the height of the surface to which the slip is to be added. Here are some examples and graphs for minimum drops:

Draft Examples



The casting model forms the basis for the perfect cast iron component


"Time to market" is more crucial than ever. We offer existing customers delivery of prototypes including standard casting models within 2-4 weeks. 

Dion Brun, Sales Director 

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