Throughout the foundry's history, ULDALL has been a reliable supplier to the industry with our expertise in the production of cast iron items. The unique properties of cast iron, such as good machinability, vibration damping and wear resistance, make it an excellent alternative to welded structures in industry.

With modern 3D options, profitable solutions are opened up already in unique production. Our molded solutions are tailored to meet the industrial needs and can optimize both the production process and the final product.

ULDALL produces a wide range of items for industry, including brakes, pulleys, machine parts, and more, and our products are used by large companies and machine factories all over the world. Our focus on quality, precision and innovation makes us one of the preferred partners in the industry.


Refinement of cast iron components

We offer machining of your finished cast iron components - from small adaptations to surface-treated solutions ready for assembly. 

Our large network of partners in the field makes it possible for us to provide our customers with the optimal solution that is adapted to the customers' subsequent assembly or use of the components.

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From idea to cast iron component

The perfect cast iron component starts with an idea and a drawing. In collaboration with our customers, we design the component and can offer delivery including surface treatment and machining.


If you need cast iron component that meet your requirements for the highest quality and precision, we can help.

Dion Brun, Sales Director

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