Uldalls Jernstøberi A/S was founded in 1944 and has over the years expanded and modernized to become a modern and flexible foundry.

The entire organization is highly professional and with great customer-focus and we continuously train our employees, ensuring our clients the required quality and competence. We ensure a long-term customer relationships by continually optimizing processes and products.

The foundry fully apply and even exceeds the very environmental friendly Danish laws and demands concerning both psychological and physical working environment. Among other things the great employee involvement in the development of a very sophisticated new ventilation system show the way for other foundries in Europe.

The Uldalls Foundry has developed internal processes so that we
• Reuse large amounts of scrap.
• Reuse the excess heat from the melting process for room heating
• Reuse the molding sand, which is used for the casting process
• Constant are aware of the developments in new and more energy-efficient production solutions

This ensures that the “Carbon Footprint” from the Uldalls Iron Foundry is kept at a minimum.

Our primary mission in our sales department’s is to offer credible and updated casting technical services. Already in the design stage we are often invited to our customers to participate in the making of the initial drawings, so that even prototypes are provided with the optimal conditions for later production or mass production.

Finally, we are proud to be part of the 100% Danish owned foundry group Birn, which you can read more about here: